1. How should I apply to get retraining courses at the Training centers of Training, Education and Certification Department?
You should choose the speciality from “Apply online “section of and write the required information there.

2. I work as an engineer. Can I retrain or raise my awareness on several specialities at Training, Education and Certification Department?
Answer: Yes. If your speciality is appropriate and selected specialities are not taught at the same time You can.

3. I work in a foreign company located in Azerbaijan. I would like to know if the short-term courses are chargeable?
Answer: Yes.

4. What are the advantages of studying at the Training centers of Training,Education and Certification Department?
Answer: There are all conditions for getting education within both theoretical lessons and practical trainings. Each student is dealt with individually.

5. What is the documented evidence after completing the course?
Answer: Certificate (Card).

6. What assessment methods are used for the course participants to certificate them at the end?
Answer: Test exams are arranged at the end of the theoretical lessons. Exams are held with computers in electronic form quite transparently. If there is any industrial experience, the reference of the head instructor is taken into account.

7. Do you employ the trainees after graduating the short-term courses?
Answer: No.

8. I have studied the profession of "electric welder" at vocational school #12 in Baku. Can I study at your training centers to enhance my knowledge abilities and manual skills?
Answer: Yes.